To whom it may concern.
Isn’t it great when you find help that just fits your needs and expectations.
My daily work is carried out on computer and with the deadline driven business that I am in it is really important that I deliver work to my clients on time, every time. So when I moved to Taupo and needed technical help I phoned Ashley Cho. 
Ashley was like a breath of fresh air… he spoke in a technical language I could understand, spent time explaining and sorting things and quickly became my trusted ‘go to’ I.T. guy, all at a price that I consider quite reasonable.  Throughout my twenty six years of daily computer use I have never received anywhere near that high level of I.T. support and I’m never kept waiting.
Ashley’s business has since grown (easy to see why) but his personal dedication has not stopped and although most of my ‘issues’ are now efficiently attended to by Liam, Ashley is still always accessible.
I can’t recommend Ashley Cho I.T. Solutions highly enough.
Graham Sword
Studiographics Limited
Graham Sword, http://www.grahamsword.co.nz

I have used Ashley Cho’s service for the last 2 years.  This has made my life much simpler than at any time in the last 20 years.  I now don’t panic when something strange happens with my systems, I just contact Ashley and his team and continue with my business.  This is priceless for a small business like mine with a home office.  I need the expertise when I need it and they always find the answer, even with an old CRM programme that I use which is no longer supported by the designer because continuous updates and support are now designed for large organisations, not a sole user.  Thank you Ashley and the team.

Ann Mayer, Mayer Consultants

Waiora Community Trust has been dealing with Ashley Cho long before Ashley Cho I.T. Solutions.


Now, he and the team do the IT here at Waiora House as well as my home. They have always been there for me and ready to explain “IT” in a clear way that I can understand. Explaining and teaching is not a problem for them. . When there is a systems problem, someone is here “johnny-on- the-spot” or on the phone remoting in, getting things back up and running. In my line of work, the computer system is indespensible. Without it, my day can come to a complete stand-still. And in this business, communication is everything.


I have recommended Ashley to the many organisations within Waiora House. And I am pleased to recommend the Ashley Cho I.T. Solutions Team. This is the team you want in your corner.



Deb DePetris, Waiora House Manager/Trust Administrator, http://www.waiorahouse.org.nz

Dear Ashley


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic job you do at Tauhara College. We are very fortunate to have you as part of our team, and I really appreciate the proactive, professional way you have about dealing with all situations that you face in your position with us. I have personally come to rely very much on your technical insight, advice and skill, and appreciate the way that you are able to align this with our main priority of ensuring that all our students have access to great learning opportunities and support.


Ashley, as I have said before, you are also a great guy to have around and I appreciate the way that you contribute to the overall culture of our school. You are always positive, friendly and approachable, and show such kindness for your colleagues and the students that you interact with. Your relational intelligence combined with your technical expertise is a powerful combination!


As you know, I am very fond of Hobbit references and often visualise people I work with as to which character they would most fit with. As we go on adventures in our lives we are blessed to have good people to go on the journey with. They support us and challenge us and encourage us and make the adventure that much more worthwhile. Now I am really not sure if there was a Korean Hobbit, but it is an absolute pleasure to be on this adventure with you Hobbit Cho!


Thank you Ashley.


Kind regards

Keith Buntting


Tauhara College

Keith Buntting, Principle, Tauhara College